Wine Cellar Database
One of the top Wine Cellar apps on the appstore.

Avaliable for iPhone and iPad

Rearrange, rename and create your wine categories.

Add your wines and choose your favorite fields thanks to numerous criteria and our integrated database of countries, vineyards, regions, appellations, varietals, master varietal, producer, color, volume, sub-regions, pairings and more !

iCloud and Spreadsheets
Import and Export From Anywhere!

Transfer your database to and from your other iPhones and iPads through iCloud with a press of a button. Import and export your wines to and from your spreadsheet files created by Excel or from wine website like Cellar tracker through your computer or email.

Real Time Statistics

-Real time calculation of all bottles and value of all bottles during EVERY search. Quick information of the value of your cellar at your finger tips.
-Real time statistics, gives you an immediate top down view of your cellar. In each category (Value price, pairing, appellation, your own categories) , a break down of the wines according to the values in the category. Eg. "current market value" will break down the wines according to the prices.

Advanced Search Features

Advance search features allow you to filter wines with fine grained detail: Allows multiple filters for instance Red wines + wines made in France.

Other Features

-Slide view interface: access any part of the application from anywhere with a simple slide of the fingers.
-Save Photos of your wines.
-Text support for all languages and special characters
-Internationalization support: Automatic detection of your own currencies for all pricing values.
-Social networking options to share your wines through Facebook and Twitter.
-Email a wine's details to your friends.
-Beautiful wood interface.
-In app purchases bought on any iPad or iPhone automatically are available for your other iPads or iPhones when you install this app on them.
-Usable in both landscape and portrait orientation.